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Power through your day with Faction Labs UPPERS®. Specifically formulated to support your energy production, metabolic rate, cognitive function and thyroid function. Faction Labs UPPERS® will ensure you won't be left behind. Don't compromise your performance and wellbeing, make the most out of your life and refuse to be ordinary with Faction Labs UPPERS®.

Health Benefits

• Temporarily support concentration, focus and clarity
• Support mental and cognitive function
• Support energy production and energy levels
• Support metabolic rate
• Support heat, energy production and thermogenesis
• Support thyroid gland health
• Support healthy thyroid gland function
• Aid thyroid hormone production
• Supports healthy stress response in the body
• Support healthy immune system function
• Support immune system health
• Maintain general health and wellbeing
• Support nervous system health and function
• Reduce free radicals formed in the body
• Support healthy stress response in the body
Aid protein synthesis in the body