2x Cougar Juice Bundle

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Bundle contains:
1x 600ml Shaker
2x Cougar Juice 30 serve tubs (flavours of your choice)

Comprised of a blend of Marine, Bovine & Cartilage Collagen along with the addition of L-Tryptophan, Faction Labs Cougar Juice delivers a unique and complete source of the highest quality protein.

In addition to the presence of Types I, II and III Collagen, Faction Labs Cougar Juice contains an Inner Beauty Blend, headlined by L-Glutamine, Prebiotic Fibre, Hyaluronic Acid, Silica and Keratin.

Also included is a Broad Spectrum Probiotic and Essential Vitamins and Minerals. There simply isn't a product available that is as comprehensive as Cougar Juice!

Contributes to normal skin structure and wound healing
Support skin hydration and elasticity
Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin collagen production
Necessary for normal connective tissue structure and function
Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, hair and nails
Necessary for normal immune system function